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  • Model Number: Pineapple House Octopus Home Crab Restaurant
  • Aquatic Decorations Type: Ornaments
  • Weight: 0.13
  • Material: Resin
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: fish

Pineapple Castle Aquarium Decoration Fish Tank Underwater Decoration Beautiful and Durable DIY Shrimp Crab Home

【Safety and environmental protection】: aquarium pineapple house is made of high-quality resin, which is durable and does not fade or change its colour when soaked in water for prolonged periods. It is harmless to fish.

【Unique and beautiful design】: pineapple house can be a good decoration for your water tank. It is also a great hiding place for fish and can increase the fun

Product size:

Pineapple House

Length 7.5cm * Width 7.5cm * Height 13cm

Octopus Brother’s Home

Length 8cm * Width 7cm * Height 15cm

Crab Restaurant

Length 9cm * Width 5.5cm * Height 8.5cm

【Product Features】:

1,High degree of simulation;

2,Injection molding into the color, no color loss;

3,Easy to clean.

4,Good value for money;

5,No requirements for lighting and carbon dioxide, etc.;

6,No effect on the fish and water quality.

Product selling point: cartoon series of aquascape, popular with domestic and foreign aquarium lovers, to create a dream scene

Attention: If the air is not completely discharged and directly placed in the fish tank, there may be a situation of floating and not sinking. The correct installation method is to slowly allow water to enter the product, and then place the product at the bottom of the fish tank. This product is commonly used in small fish tanks.